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Originally Posted by Mysterious Gay
wow, thanks that really relieves me,i thought I'd have the hair problem my whole life. Does it work if I just shave it or do I have to wax it? And where would I get the wax? For everything else, thanks I'm very relieved now
If you shave it, it'll just grow back in. (Though, it will NOT grow back in thicker, that is a hair myth.)

Waxing pulls out the roots, and if you do this enough I belive it damages the hair folicles, and your body just doesn't produce anymore hair in the said area.
To get waxed, you could go to a hair salon. Now, don't worry about that, there is many straight guys that go and get their eyebrows waxed, to make them look better and more formal or attractive. It might tingle, ask them to put some lotion on where they waxed.
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