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Originally Posted by Hyper
But heres some statistics the averege male will be fully devoleped by 14-21

Now the averege size of a fully devolepped males penis, when erected 4-8 inches
O_o More like at least 16-21 and 5-7. That's a pretty big range you got there, I just narrowed it down

Originally Posted by Mysterious Gay
If you answer thank you for taking the time to throw up lol
Eh, this is the puberty section, we get alot of people with these kind of problems

Originally Posted by Mysterious Gay
OK, this started like idk like 2 years ago probably. Yea in 6th grade it started. I started growing hair between my eyebrows, and was mortally embarassed becuase I didn't notice until someone pointed it out. Since then I've been shaving it and nobody knows about it. I need advice. Will it always be there? Can I get like a surgery to remove the hair folicals?

Also embarassing question, how the hell do you shave your balls? It irritates me a lot sometimes, and I know women don't mind it in sex. But since I'm gay I've heard that some guys like it clean down there, and I don't want to mess anything up.

One more question. How much does it cost to get circumsized? Here's a nasty thought for you straight guys: With anal sex I thought the skin might stretch back, even with a condom on, so how much and where can I get this done?

(P.S how much on average does the penis grow from age 14 to 18? I'm 6" right now, but everybody I ask seems to be bigger)
From top to bottom:
Yep! It's called a uno-brow. I have one too, and if you get it waxed enough it'll eventually go away completely.

You don't need to shave down there, and it does irritate, but if you shave them I heard it gets irritated even more, there are some guys who've done this on this site and can confirm.

Circumcision...It's not exactly the best way to go, and plus that little flap of skin can give some added pleasure that other guys can't have. It's not really that big of deal, plus no matter what you do you're gonna have a problem with your dick. It's a dick's life If you go to, you'll learn how some guys who got circumcised as adults found the pleasure to be very dull. I don't reccomend circumcision to anyone. For those who are circumcised from birth, they already are used to the 'dull pleasure' and find it great. Eeh maybe I shouldn't get into that but, no matter what (unless it's very serious), I say you shouldn't get circumcised.

There isn't a exact racio, since everything on the body grows at different rates. People at any teen age shouldn't be worried, since they still have untill at most 21 to finish puberty. The adult average length is 5.5 to about 7 inches.
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