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Default Help with hair

OK, this started like idk like 2 years ago probably. Yea in 6th grade it started. I started growing hair between my eyebrows, and was mortally embarassed becuase I didn't notice until someone pointed it out. Since then I've been shaving it and nobody knows about it. I need advice. Will it always be there? Can I get like a surgery to remove the hair folicals?

Also embarassing question, how the hell do you shave your balls? It irritates me a lot sometimes, and I know women don't mind it in sex. But since I'm gay I've heard that some guys like it clean down there, and I don't want to mess anything up.

One more question. How much does it cost to get circumsized? Here's a nasty thought for you straight guys: With anal sex I thought the skin might stretch back, even with a condom on, so how much and where can I get this done?

(P.S how much on average does the penis grow from age 14 to 18? I'm 6" right now, but everybody I ask seems to be bigger)

If you answer thank you for taking the time to throw up lol
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