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protein could help, but i dont think it will do alot. Now, im not being racist or stereotypical at all but i've noticed that asian people tend to be a bit shorter than people i know. Im just saying that out of my personal experience and mean nothing against asians. 1. i think you may be growing slowly or less because of your DNA and genes. 2. as apocolyptic said, you're just starting to get pit hair and pubic hair meaning ur in the early stages of puberty and you still have alot more to go through. Im also betting you havent gone through a serious growth spurt yet. i was growing at a regular pace, but about 2 years ago i went through a massive growth spurt and im much bigger now. dont worry, everyone's different. and please dont use those pills, i know somebody who is very short and when they were younger they tried growth hormones to try and get taller and they backfired and she's very short now is offline