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Originally Posted by mrojas2000
i have no clue whats shaft so....
There are two parts the penis that I know of. The head (top of penis, if you are uncircumcised then this is the part that is exposed after you pull the foreskin back, or if you are circumcised it's the part that's on the very top of the penis), and the shaft. The shaft is the middle, or the 'pole' of the penis. It's mainly the part you grab ahold of when you're masturbating.

Originally Posted by fred9999
i got this like pimple thing on my shaft and im not sure what it is...its the size of a pimple its white and i cant pop it
I think that these are what hairs grow in. They are full of white stuff, and can't be popped. In fact, I have some on my lower-lip, and they can be popped, but they arn't pimples.
Anyway, whatever it is, everybody has them, so you're not alone. I have a couple too.
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