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Default Re: 2 states-same voice-No Gay Marriage

first, georgia voted on it, their bad
second, if the law says "A marrige is a union between a man and a woman" then you cant really read it as "A marrige is a union between a man and a man, a woman and a man, and a woman and a woman" thats sorta like reading "Dougnuts are round" as "Dougnuts are round and square and triangular".
and third, i have always been agains gay marrige. Gay people have no right to redefine the religious ideals on marrige, leave marrige to the churches.
Now i am for gay unions. Gay people should be allowed to become an unionized couple in my mind. but marrige is between a man and a woman as defined by the churches, and if gay people want to be married the government cant stop them, but if the church stops you, tough luck buddy. but the government should allow gay unions. i have nothing against a gay union

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