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Default Re: Should We Be Worried

Originally Posted by nJnEtS*maffu*~
I am kinda worried about this but i am pretty sure the United States and the UN are not going to tolerate this. North Korea sooner rather than later will be forced to stop firing the missiles. They can reach the United States in minutes, which is a big problem. Bush has to try and get the UN and other countries to help prevent another firing. I think Japan will help, cause they were angry about the firing yesterday too. But in all and all i am kinda worried for the west coast, i live on the east coast so it wouldnt hit me (not being conceited)
Now I couldn't read on from that post..

Some facts

1 I think no country should have nukes ( Which is why I got pissed off, why should USA or any UN country or any other country in that matter have nukes )

2 And why do you people think Korea is testing them? For defense and paranoia, I am sure USA tests their missiles just like any other country, also USA tested their nukes so that they got I don't remember how many ppl were around the test site when USA fired nukes into the sea.. It was shortly after the war but I cant remember the amount of ppl who got radiated.

3 Yes Korea should be stopped but carefully, because indeed the possibility of a nuclear attack is always there..

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