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Default Re: Puberty Surveys

To clear up some things
Bolded are answers to questions and replies to answers.

Originally Posted by IceT590
Your body:
Build: huh? This means how thin, fat, or muscular you are. I'm a little thin.

Length [erect or hard]: 5.3 inches you are .2 smaller than me

Lenth [non-erect]: 4 inches A half an inch bigger

Do you wish you were/weren't? no No? To which one? Do you wish you were and it's a no?
Do you think it's proportional for you height? For your Age?: no, i think it's to damn small Lol Actually it's about right or even a bit bigger.
What's the average in your mind? like 5.8 inches :O then that means I'm a lil under...
Sorry for pointing out these ^.^ But I just wanted to answer a question or two.

I have had a subtracted repuatation point for posting this. I am extremely sorry and shouldn't ever post in this thread again unless I have a survey to fill. My reputation is now 2 for some reason, I think because of all the subracted reputation points.

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