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can someone plz tell me what i should do in my difficult situation? i really like this girl at school, and i've liked her for two years but we're like really close friends and i don't want to ruin that friendship by telling her i like her. i'm also sort of scared of being rejected. once my friends called her on the speakerphone, but they pretended i wasn't there and they asked her if she would like me if i liked her. first she said no, then she said yes, then she said maybe. but that happened a little more than a year ago and i'm not sure if that's still true. also, at this year's eighth grade dance she said she wouldn't mind dancing with me but she didn't know if i wanted to dance with her (she told this to one of my friends and they told me right before the dance was over). and then someone else who likes her asked her to dance and she said yes, but then after she was done she told me i should have cut in and she was staring at me the entire time she was dancing. i'm not really worried about the competition because she is disgusted by the guy who asked her to dance and she only said yes because he caught her by surprise. now i'm in summer school and i'm in her class and i talk to her about everything, and i'm really confused as to what i should do. can someone give me some advice?
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