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So.. I didn't really know what category to post this under.. So I decided on this on.

I have some type of stress / panic / weird attack that starts when I'm sleeping. It's kinda hard to explain. I'm like half awake but half asleep.. I get stuck on the thought that I'm having to write a dictionary.. or get through an impossible maze.. or just something that I know I'm physically unable to do. The first minute I'm still kinda asleep but I manage to wake myself up. I'm fully aware that I'm awake at the time and that I know that I'm just thinking about having to write a dictionary and that I'm really not gonna have to write one.. But still I'm so stressed out and sometimes hyper-venitalating (sp?) It's really hard to get rid of the thoughts so sometimes they go on for hours even though I know what's going on. IDK.. I guess it's kinda hard to explain. But anyways, the purpose of me writing this was to ask if anyone has had these or know what the hell these things are?

Sorry that I can't explain the events any clearer than I did above. They're kinda weird.

Oh, wait. I have another thing to ask. Sometimes I get racing thoughts. Like I'm thinking so fast that I think I'm going insane. Everything around me feels as if it's moving faster than normal and so are my thoughts.. IDK. What's that? Just thinking to fast?

Thanks for reading these random questions

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