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Default Re: Should We Be Worried

Yea so they could hit canada with there crappy aim and wipe out all of Vancouver and Victoria

A child dies every 3 seconds from starvation
thats just starvation and thats just a child
thats not including all the other crap
Thats not including women, teens, or men
People die all the time
I could die from his missiles but you know what I'd die knowing that North America would attack as a whole like never befor
North Korea would die in minutes
There entire military and government wiped out in our rage and revenge

Steping back and looking at this
Right now theres 23,113,019 North Koreans living in hell
there head hospital in Pyonqyang is so ill equiped old film scraps are used as bandage covers
They dont even have medicine to give a child for an upset stomach
Famine there is a HUGE problem yet there leader denies even its existance
He even turns away international aid from the world food organization
The ONLY source of power comes from an ancient Soviet Union Relic, a power plant of which they don't even have any spare parts to maintain it nor the capability to make new ones
So the majority of the country including hospitals goes dark at night This is North and South Korea at night Notice a diffrence?

I will NOT let some insane short fat todler frighten me!
I will not be his hostage! Fuck'em!
Kim may be a "god" in his little back water country
But in the real world hes NOTHING
and he knows it
IF and I must strech the IF he ever actualy gains the tecnological ability to fire a missile that would reliably hit us he still has to go through the defences
NORAD, Balistic Defence, half the United States Air Craft Carrier fleet which is currently deployed in the Pacific not to mention the Destroyers equiped with missiles specifically designed to shoot down his
And then theres my favorite
the Ohio class nuclear submarines 14 of which each is armed with 24 Trident II SLBMs
and another 4 armed with 154 tomahawk cruise missiles

so you know what
BRING IT!........................-waits-..................Didnt think so
He won't attack
and he will NOT get whatever he wants by pulling this shit
when i was a todler
and I had a fit
I got a spanking


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