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Post ...I have a whut?

Varicocele. What is that? Omm var e cock le? O_o, var-uh-ko-seel. What the hell is that? O_o

I read from a teen heath site about this.

Evidently, a Varicocele is a problem with the vein of the testicle. (Damnit)

The veins in the scrotum have valves that help the blood go through your body. But when you get a varicocele, these valves are not as strong, or rather they are not so strong and that's what causes them, and some of the blood can reverse (), causing the blood to back-up and create pools in the veins. This creates small lumps.

This occurs a little commonly, about in 15 percent of guys (oh, btw this is a guys only problem ). And 40% of the guys with varicocele are infertile, or cannot have children. This problem usually develops ages 15-25, since the testicles are growing during puberty.

...Mostly this problem happens in the left testicle, because a man's body is set up to where the left testicle's (fancy word for ball) tubes and veins are longer. Although this can occur in the right or left testie, or both which isn't as common.

Some of the syptoms, though not all men with varicocele have symptoms, include (copied from the teen health website, checked it out; link at bottom):
  • a dull ache in the testicle(s)
  • a feeling of heaviness or dragging in the scrotum
  • dilated veins in the scrotum that can be felt (described as feeling like worms or spaghetti)
  • discomfort in the testicle or on that particular side of the scrotum
  • the testicle is smaller on the side where the dilated veins are (due to difference in blood flow) **add: or the lack of proper neutrition to the testie**

Out of these symptoms, I have the ache when I mess around with the testies alot, the scrotum is a little heavier, the veins can be felt, although the right one which has no lumps feels like angel-hair pasta and the left has some lumps. (Which might be due to the pooling of the blood).

Now, I haven't had a physical in two years. Although I have these and I'm 13, but I could of sworn I had them at age 11. Now, one thing about varicoceles is that they only appear very obiously when standing up, which is why the doctors ask you to stand up during the physical and also the scrotum is relaxed. The usual lumps completely dissapear when you lay down, and partically dissapear when you are sitting up.

The next part has some copied lines, sorry

There isn't anything that causes a varicocele, and usually doesn't need any real special treatment. Some experts believe, though, that in some cases a varicocele might damage the testicle or decrease sperm production. In those cases, a doctor will probably recommend surgery.

...Oh shit, not what I need -_-

I watched a few minute long video, which showed the surgery. It was graphic, and looked terrible and degrading The doctors had to hold the scrotum open...wait, in fact, I didn't see the scrotum anywhere, just the exposed testies

I saw them use these twiesers to cut the servace of the testies, making it able to single-out a vein. They tied cords around it, and chopped off a peice. They did this three times

Now, the reason that this might effect sperm production can be due to some things, like the too much blood being in the veins, causing the testies to heat up and killing the sperm.
...Lack of proper blood can stop some of the needed neutrition for the sperm and the oxygen.

Now, I haven't gotten this issue confirmed with anybody yet. I just talked with someone on VT today (please come out if you want, but other please don't say "oooh that wasn't me"), and he told me his symptoms, which are exactly mine too, although I never heard of it. Now, first of all, I'm not planning on having kids. I might, just to do something with my life, but that part isn't that big of deal. It just feels so degrading to have no moving or alive sperm, supposedly. Should I ask my mom to take me to the doctor, since I can't talk to a father about this and me and my mom already aggreed that I'd go get a check-up when I was 14. Or should I wait and see what happens at 14, or should I---aah what do I do about this?

Sorry, for posting this, but I don't know what to do, and well I needed to talk about it with somebody. Most of this information was provided by

Direct link to read the complete Varicocele report:

...I have to go to bed now because it's 2:35 AM but anyway, dangit.
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