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wow blahages, thats amazing that a school has its own personal proxy server running T1!!! What did they get, like a $10,000 grant??? lol i guess it might be a private school. anyway it goes, the proxy is much more easily managed by using a county proxy so thats what all schools are based on (with the exception of those rich schools ¬.¬ )

aaaannyway, all proxys, servers, and just any protected computer has to have (as u call it) an 'all powerful account' to be able to even logon to it and operate. and cracking the passwords for proxys can be simply done by using pure brute force. and in some cases, the administrators are soooo stupid that they actually base it on a local SQL database (not hosted by anything but the server or proxy that its stored on) so anyone could gain full access by using a simple SQL injection LOL

Now, as for my school, we use Novel, and I know that they do not log every action, key stroke, and/or event that takes place. And besides, you could easily get around the loggin by using a remote login to the Global Administor account.
And for that Deep Freeze program, just direct connect to the proxy or server with it installed on it (after you gain the IP of course along with the ports accesible) and terminate processes currently running that look suspicious. then go into the drive where the partition with windows exists and permanently delete and *.sys files that look suspicious, and if youre not sure of it, then just open each one up in a text viewer to see if they support deep freeze in anyway. problem fixed.

Last but not least, it might cause minor alert to the school board, but having a server or a proxy restart is not uncommon when a critical error occurs, so a system error can take the blame for that. If you do restart the server, then make sure that it can connect with a DNS server upon boot, otherwise your screwed until you get it right lol I would also do this around 4 or 5 pm so its after school and not entirely complained about from all the schools within the district.

u seem pretty kool for noticing those details I left out, blahages!


(im cool, im cool... )

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