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Default Im back! heres the problem I had!

(its long, but I had to type it all, so the least u can do is read it all )

OK, I got this new motherboard for Christmas and I didnt install it until recently because It was a mid-sized board and emachines (being shitty again) had some weird mini-mid-tower mix... anyway, so I ordered a full-sized tower (just for the hell of it lol) and I installed the new board! I hooked up everything that was internal (1334, IDE, and Serial ATA cable, and power cords accordingly, plus the PCI cards, and finally the fans [[not in that order, of course lol]]) and then I started pluging in the external feeds (such as the mouse, keyboard, etc.) and the last thing I had to plug in was monitor... and guess what! I had a 15DB trying to plug into a 9 pin serial port! >.< WTF! This motherboard was sooo good, but it only had a 9 pin serial!!! AGH! that means that it doesnt have onboard graphics... SOOO I had to beg the computer architecture teacher to lend me a card until I get a better one - thankfully, she did. After this, I had another problem WAAA! I had got the BIOS up but when I tried to start windows, it always crashed and I figured it was because it was not loading the correct drivers for this new motherboard, so I would have to reinstall windows. well, I tried to load the CD for XP Pro but it would not read... it took me 2 days to finally realize that the CD rom dive had to be hooked up as a secondary master (IDE 2 instead of on the IDE 3) and it couldnt be a slave either. so, I had to simply switch the IDE cable to the #2 pin slot and the motherboard was able to read the disk! yay! I formatted both of the 2 partitions I made and just formatted them into one 40 GB partition (dont laugh, I know its small) and then installed XP Pro... it took me a couple days to get everything back to semi-normal... so now Im back and Im able to post on VT again! yayness!

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