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Default Excersize...

Well, I've been thinking of walking about one hour or two a day to loose some weigh... my problem is that when I'm almost ready to go out, I think that people is going to look at me weird, because I'm a 13 year old boy walking and they are going to say "why doesnt he do sports?" well, my answer to that would be because I hate sports, and I rather walk, since I did it with my dad. He told me that he started walking, and within one month of walking about two hours a day, he started loosing weigh. I dont really beleive it, I think he did it so I just would go out to do something and loose some weight because im ever weight...
My only corncern about walking is that when people is going to look at me they are going to say "look at that young man, he should do sports instead of walking around" and that creeps me out... what should I do??

By the way, I didnt know where to post this, and I just posted it here...

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