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Default Re: gay with straight relationship

Originally Posted by kolte
well, your stright, its really hard to just 'come out' when you know there ARE going to be people who hate you, fear you and mock you for it. Your stright, you don't know that fear. You say you would embrace it, but its this insane mental struggle. Its an empending doom to me. I will never, or at least not at this time of my life, come out. It would be the end of my life. My family, they would not recognize me, my friends, shocked. I wish this society was more accepting, but they are not, and they never will be in my lifetime. Being gay, to me, is the worst curse of this planet. And I fucking hate that I'm gay. I don't embrace it, I dispise it.

I've had girlfriends, and I've 'loved' some women, though not sexually in the least bit really. Sadly.

well... you dont have to be ashamed you are gay... if you are, then come to italy!!! in my city there are thousands of gay people, and they are always holding hands and stuff... they dont really care... no one does, because here people realize that people have different likes, and like to say "taste"... my mom's husband best friend is gay, and hes really cool. his boyfriend really nice, and one of the smartest persons ive ever known... my point is, that no one will ever care about you being gay... i mean, its you, and they have to accept it, they like it or not

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