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Originally Posted by tpzy94 View Post
ok why wuld i question if i already know it wtf im tired of people saying dat really well atleast i kno where im going wen i do it mite b in your nature 2 question but in mind its not anymore and ayo im not a boring person i go and do waymore things then you and yes i can go to places just because your a christian doesnt mean u cant have fun you people are goin around in life without a purpose maybe im nt the strongest christian out there but atleast i believe
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ok whats so great about science ok oooh sooo what nerds tryin 2 prove stupid stuff ooooh fascinating and idk nothing about science funny never failed it or even came close 2 failing it soooo thank you n idc if im ignorant 2 other religions i respect buddist muslim obviously christian all types because unlike athiest they have a purpose in life and even if i dont believe in thier GOD they believe and they worship it the soo i mean i dnt believe the scientist crap cuz they make everything seem man made wtf
I've underlined all the things said in your posts that aren't very righteous or godly. Please, kindly, get off of your moral high horse.
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