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Originally Posted by tpzy94 View Post
ok whats so great about science ok oooh sooo what nerds tryin 2 prove stupid stuff ooooh fascinating and idk nothing about science funny never failed it or even came close 2 failing it soooo thank you n idc if im ignorant 2 other religions i respect buddist muslim obviously christian all types because unlike athiest they have a purpose in life and even if i dont believe in thier GOD they believe and they worship it the soo i mean i dnt believe the scientist crap cuz they make everything seem man made wtf
And people like you are the reason people think there's a problem between religion and science. Science has no place in a discussion of religion. There is no conflict. As long as you put religion in conflict with science, you'll lose. Religion answers existential questions. The whys. Science answers the hows. Science cannot disprove God. That's because science has nothing to do with God.

Oh, and please, learn to speak proper English. I'd be the last one to condemn someone for misspellings or typos but trying to read your posts gives me a headache.

Originally Posted by deadpie View Post

It's all miracles, mah boy. You don't need a scientist.

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