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Default Re: Push for simpler spelling persists

Originally Posted by redcar
colour and color.
I don't know which one I like better

That is just...a stupid idea, I mean have they thought about the current kids learning how to spell, the people who already know, and the ones yet to learn? They'd have to totally shift the ones learning how to spell's definition of spelling, have the people who already know have to either change quickly or keep going, and the ones yet to learn will--well, they're the most protected.

Plus, if this were the case, instead of creating another language they'd keep it at 'English' instead of 'American English' or 'American' all of the books would be spelled wrong, along with that ever-glorious constitution that everyone wants to hold up except the parts that conflict with the bible And the bible would be translated wrong and have to be re-translated which, heh, I don't think they want to do XD
It's not possible, and they won't do it
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