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Default Re: Don't take drugs!

you're not an adict if you've taken it alot. you're an adict if it influences the way you live your daily life and you find it hard to get by w/o it. Shaolin, you said yourself that you gave up drugs, meaning that you had tried them or were using them. I dont disagree with your veiws on drugs as they can cause lots of problems with people and ruin lives, but as for the less hardcore drugs such as marijuana, i think it's pointless to tell people they shouldnt use them if they havent tried. i know i will try it just because im not gonna deny myself the fact that i want to see what it's like. and if i like it i will use pot every once in a while. after people have tried them and they know what it's like, it's helpful for people to offer advice but if someone likes what they're doing it's gonna be hard for them to stop. now it's different for drugs like heroin or crack or those real hardcore drugs and i agree that if you are taking those you really need to find a way to stop now because those ruin lives. is offline   Reply With Quote