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Default I cant take it anymore

it all started when i wnt to grandmas and i was doing ok i was thinking about anything but then i found out that my grandma's son-in-law was gay. and then i started getting flash backs of one time when i watched gay porn ONLY ONCE BECSUE I WAS WONDERING WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE IM NOT LIKE THAT. and then i started to think. "what if im gay" i dont even know why but i just did. then i started worring if i was. But when i get older i want to have sex with the one girl and have kids. I always do this though like i think that someday i will be a bad person on tv. and im not. its just that happened but this time i was just questioning myself when i had no problem with this what so ever in the first place. it happens sometimes with other times of things. Idk is puberty am i actually gay?
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