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Default Re: What does she want?

We had a talk and she was the one who decided to slow things down a bit (few) but in my oppinion we slowed down a bit too much, we dint even kiss or hold hands last time(but that might be because she would feel uncomfortable infrount of my family. coz we not seen much of each other recently but she met my family last night and they liked her a lot. I think in a week or so we will be seeing a lot more of each other because i will be less busy and she will be a bit happier as we had a talk and cleared up a few misunderstandings.

My friend on the other hand has been very nice to me but he has also used me to get at her by making her feel that i am leaving her out. Which i am very anoyed about, he has also confused one of my friends because this other friend doesnt know that me and my girlfriend are going out but the first friend guest ages ago and still hasnt confrounted me about it.
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