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Originally Posted by Deadly-Dreamer-X View Post
Leviticus? I don't see the relation between that and Islam. If you would like to explain, then I am all ears(in this case, eyes).
Er, I was actually referring to his belief in Christianity. Therefore, when I said "homophobic holy book", Leviticus is a reason to support that.

Originally Posted by tpzy94 View Post
im non denominational christian and if you have had a life like mine and seen the miracles in my life
Miracles? Or things that you're simply incapable of explaining? Or maybe things that happened naturally that you view as "miracles". You know, I find it funny and stupid how overused that term is.

Originally Posted by tpzy94 View Post
then you would understand that these things arent lucky happenings this is beyond our control and the more you study about the LORd the more you understand your life and being
You're only saying that because you are ignorant about anything outside religion. I know that you know little about science because of all the posts you've made in the past which make that obvious so there's no reason why I should find validity in what you say. Besides, does the Bible tell you how your body works? No. Does it feature a God in the Old Testament which killed millions of people and kept thousands of woman as slaves and forced prostitues? Yes.

Originally Posted by tpzy94 View Post
ok why wuld i question if i already know it wtf im tired of people saying dat really well atleast i kno where im going wen i do it mite b in your nature 2 question
Of course it's human nature to question things. Where would we be if we didn't (apart from mindless "robots" with no innovation)? Even Christians and other theists can question their being.

Originally Posted by tpzy94 View Post
but in mind its not anymore and ayo im not a boring person
Then why do you only accept what was probably forced onto you (judging by your posts) as an infant? Why do you completely ignore science and other explainations and still bash them despite being ignorant of them?

Originally Posted by tpzy94 View Post
i go and do waymore things then you and yes i can go to places just because your a christian doesnt mean u cant have fun you people are goin around in life without a purpose maybe im nt the strongest christian out there but atleast i believe
No-one said that Christians can't have fun. And why do you say that you go more places than others?

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Perhaps the entire argument [the death penalty] can be summarised in just a sentence.

We kill people who kill people to show others that killing is wrong.
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