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Default Re: North Korea Vows 'Annihilating' Nuclear Strike if United States Attacks Pre-Emptively

does anyone realize that if this question was asked in 2001, should we go to war? everyone in america would say yes. we go but nothing really happens, we get rid of saddam and some terrorists but who gives, we arnt getting anything back. so what happens? people say that bush went for oil...dude oil revenge? HE WENT BECAUSE WE TOLD HIM TO. think about it. ppl against bush probly watched fahrenheit 9/11, well did you know 2 things, micheal morre almost got sued by the family of the author of fahrenheit 451 for copyright infringment, and that you will never see that "documentery" in a learning environment? if you see a real documentery it would show both sides of the argument, not stress imaginary arguments. you see bush is an idiot, but he didnt want to go to war. donald rumsfeld is from his fathers presidency. almost all of bushes advisors were from his fathers administration. because the ones that joined bushes and did want saddam removed that convinced bush to attack iraq. now we all know powell, he was also the top advisor and had convinced bush not to do anything. but after 9/11 powell was on vacation and was unable to reach bush. bush had been swayed by his advisors and the rest of the public. now about bush not stopping the attacks if he could...anything that happens in the first year or 2 of a new presidency cant be fully blamed on the current president but first the last president (clinton) should be looked at, proven inocent or guilty then check the new president for guilt. well we skipped clinton and went straight to bush. you see the clinton administration had a rather large part in the attacks, it wasnt only bush that ignored them. think about it, would you really plan a massive terror attack in under 2 years? no, clinton knew, clinton ignored. i support bush, not because he did anyting great, not that he improved my life, in fact he probly made everyones worse. but i support him for the simple fact THAT HE IS OUR PRESIDENT, IF OUR PEOPLE HATE OUR PRESIDENT, WE LOOK WEAK WE LOOK STUPID. anyone heard of dante's inferno? does anyone know who resides in the lowest most terrible ring of hell? currently 3 people. the 2 people that betrayed ceasar and judas i think, this is because the final ring of hell is reserved not for sinners or breakers of the 10 comandments, BUT PEOPLE WHO BETRAY THEIR LEADER. i also support bush because he got stuck in a sticky situation did the only course of action, and those who think differently your wrong, and got stuck with a bum rap, we fell got back up but kicked our leader when he was down. because he is hated by the ignorant, because he is condemed without trial, because he is an average man fit to represent average america but america doenst like reality, so we believe that the terrorists and radical religious peoples want to talk whilst they bomb us, that it really is our fault that they hate us. return to reality, people hate us for our freedom, you think the arabs love that fact that our women can wear 2 peice swim suits? you think they understand nudists? we are so free we cannot comprehend people opressed by a leader or religion, not that we arnt just that we dont believe we are. you people that dont try to learn how the people we are fighting think and act make me sick. "the first rule of war is know thine enemy" LEARN YOUR ENEMY BEFORE YOU ATTACK YOUR LEADER, without a leader you are nothing

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