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Default Re: Push for simpler spelling persists

Meh I don't think it would help much to be honest
It took me a LOOONG time to learn how to read and even longer to be able to write effectively
But I don't think I would have picked it up faster with the simplified method
I like English the way it is
It's one of the hardest languages to learn I'm proud that I mastered it

The problem isn’t the language
It’s the education system
America’s education system is crap
It used to be the best on the planet now your fighting to hold onto 20th

You need to spend more on education and less on the industrial military complex in order to increase literacy rates

Don’t get me wrong
Canada isn’t much better
Alberta has the best education system in Canada
and even here its crap

There’s nothing wrong with English
There is something severely wrong with the standardized system used to teach it
THAT is where the focus should be

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