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Default Gaining Weight?

Ok, I'm currently weighing in at 114 lbs. at 5'7 - 5'9.

I need to know a healthy way to gain weight. I'm not anorexic nor am I bullemic. I eat 3 square meals a day and even have ice cream dessert every night. I saw the doctor but all he told me was that my metabolism is way too high. I've literally spent two days straight sitting on a couch eating chocolate and lost 2 pounds. I need to know a semi-quick way to gain weight. Although I want weight, not just fat.

It's gotten to the point if I look at my chest (with a shirt off) I can see my heart beating in the ribcage area and in the area between the ribcages. So basically I see both parts of the heartbeat. I need to know how to gain weight, all comments are greatly appreciated.
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