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Default Re: im not into drugs but im in a situation that relates

She's old enough to make her own decisions. How long has she been smoking? If it hasn't been too long then she can still quit. As for cannabis, it's no biggy. A joint (or however you smoke it in the states) won't kill her. I first smoked that stuff when I was twelve stopped and that didn't do me any harm.

She's not a fucking infant. She can make her own decisions and if she really didn't want to smoke/do drugs then she wouldn't have. It sounds like she's just curious and that it'll pass in time. In this case the tobacco is actually the more dangerous thing. If she doesn't stop smoking then she could end up like me. Twenty-a-day and coughing all night.

WHen I say it didn't do me any harm, it actually did. I got hooked on the tobacco in the joints. (but that wasn't the work of cannabis)

Anyway, just reccomend to her that she stop and then drop it alltogether. Just don't fucking bug her about it. She'll just feel miserable annd may begin to hate you. As I always say to people trying to get me to quit: "Harassing me about my smoking may be hazardous to your health."

"Carrying tobacco on school property" isn't such a terrible thing. Get over it.

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