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Default im not into drugs but im in a situation that relates

im in summer school, and i met some really nice, kind people. But the more i got to know them, the less Holsum they appered. Max and Sara do drugs. i dont know exactly whitch kinds. and im not their mother, and they are old enough to make their own decitions on this matter. But the problem is, they have sucked in this poor girl. She is going to be a freshman next year and since she started hanging out with these kids she has skipped school, been on speed, marojana, and god knows what else. the big bad seniors roll her cigaretes and the go behind the school and smoke. i know that i cant do much, but should i try to talk to her seperatly, because i know that she is just a kid, testing the waders. Max made it available, and she fell into the temptation. but it is really upseting to see this girl go from a strat A student, head of the choire, singing songe from greece, and working out every day, to a person who's carrying tobaco on school property. i'd have said something already but i dont want to look like an idiot in front of the other kids. i know that that sounds kind of immature, but i still can't help but feel partially responcable for this girl's well being. Any advice on the situation would be great, thanks.

and FYI
i just want to say that im no vergin to drugs. Ive taken Valium and i have an occational Rumpunch. (even though those are depressents i still know the erge that you can have to them.)

I hate these stupid things
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