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Default Re: North Korea Vows 'Annihilating' Nuclear Strike if United States Attacks Pre-Empti

Originally Posted by Parasite
you guys look like idiots, because it seems cody is the only one who actually knows something about this.

Boognish:"I support bush"
Well what the hell has he done for you, except make your parents spend a hell hole of money and stress about an un needed war. George bush isn't even going to finish off this war. he doesn't know how to. he is going to give the job to the next ignorant dick that becomes president.

tim, you really think we are in this for oil?
Seriously if we were why would we have so little and why would gas be higher than ever? america could so easily get oil and kill millions of iraq's people..but we aren't.
lol you know theres and edit button right?
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