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I apologize for being offencive, steryotipical, and rude. I didnt mean to offend anyone personally but i was trying to get a point across. While i stand by some of the things i said, i want to make the point i dont hate the midwest. I just hate it when people there vote for bush, and then cant understand why things are the way they are. I wasnt calling kermit arrogant, i was calling bush supporters from the midwest arrogant. My comment about police brutallity i still somewhat stand by. While i agree that in most cases it isnt the anwser, in some cases (such as katrina) it was needed. I'm sorry that offended you though. Bottom line of my point is, and i think you may agree with me koler,.... it is time for a change, but while we know we wont wake up tommorrow with all the bush administrations problems solved, the majority of people in this country need to stop being so damn lazy and try to do something for themselves. (and please dont take that comment to heart, i'm making a generalization).

Again i apologize for my extreme comments, i didnt mean to offend anyone personally. Just trying to make a point.
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