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Default Re: i fell stupid about this

guys dont rush it... i mean, that moment will last in you/for you forever... there ill be no next time (hmm this makes me think about my fav movie... 50 first dates, awsome movie!!)... its like having your lips virgin... you wont forget when you first did/will do sex, will ya?? so just dont rush it, do it with someone you really really like... my best girl friend (shes a friend girl, not my gf) told me she has kissed like 50000000000000000 times, but she told me that she will never forget her first kiss, and then starts to explain me how it feels and stuff, but i dont really remember... so just wait the perfect moment, the perfect time... you know?? my dream is having my first kiss at a beach with the sunset, all alone... im surelly it wont be like that, but just make the moment perfect-er than it is, if its not... dont rush it...


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