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Default Re: North Korea's Missle Launch

Originally Posted by Parasite
tim, you really think we are in this for oil?
Seriously if we were why would we have so little and why would gas be higher than ever? america could so easily get oil and kill millions of iraq's people..but we aren't.
Gas prices are higher than ever because Oil is harder to come by, its in harder to reach places, the war in Iraq is costing alot of money and lives, so oil will still be expensive to pay for the war. America isn't just going crazy in Iraq, they are disguising it. If they did what you said, "kill millions of iraq's people" then the middle east and other parts of the world would attack the US. Thats why.
Originally Posted by LIsailer19
i dont want this to get off topic but i just want to say i'm an american and i hate oil. it's smelly and dirty. saying americans love to burn oil is a steryotype. the war had nothing to do with oil. saddam tried to assainte bush the 1st. so his idiot son created an excuse to start a war, the excuse was oil, but the real reason was revenge.
Well if you hate oil, then you will also hate cars, planes, roads, waxes, lubricants etc etc. Why do you think everywhere is after oil so badly? Because crude oil has so many usefull products!
Its hardly a steriotype, its a truth of the american lifestyle.
Oil was not an excuse, oil was the reason, has Bush said that they went in for oil? No but thats the truth, the excuse was to help the civilians or some bullshit like that.
Originally Posted by Scar
ok thats lame, every country has bombs but i think we should there asses up.
Not every country mate, when was the last time you saw Etheopia blow shit up?
Maybe this should be split to a Iraq war thread?
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