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Being the moderator of the particular debate forum I feel obligated to set things straight here.

“you still haven't told me what a revolution would accomplish”

You wanted to know what a revolution would accomplish? Well, I will tell you. You see, there comes a time when Revolutions are necessary. Otherwise the American Revolution would not have freed the 13 original colonies from British tyrannical rule. The Civil War wouldn't have put the South in its rightful place and freed the slaves and the Civil Rights Revolution of the 50's, 60's and 70's wouldn't have allowed equal opportunities for both blacks, whites, men, and women. So surly you can agree that at least at some points revolutions are necessary.
In the case of the current need for a revolution, we face a tyrannical theocracy compromising The Republican Party, and parts of The Democratic Party in congress. We have a highly corrupt Executive Administration that has put the United States in danger globally many times. The theocratic congress coupled with the irrational and violent Executive Administration has led to national dept exceeding eight trillion dollars and has drained our recourses in a war that the majority of Americans do not want to be in.
There are, as pointed out by my friend Kermit, 37 million people living in poverty, 13 million of which are children. There is strain on things such as social security, welfare, and education, and corporations are forcing us even deeper into poverty because they offer such easily acquired pay checks, even though its at 7 dollars an hour, to our lower class.
But these pay checks are deceiving. The more people work at Wal-Mart's, Mc-Donald's, and Burger King's, the more people are making minimum wage, modern day slave conditions, living under the poverty line etc. And then you must factor in the fact that the majority of these cooperations are using overseas foreign labor instead of labor at home because of how cheap it is. Thus less jobs, more poverty. But at least we have our Wal-Mart quality shit right?
A revolt. Aims at dismantlement this corrupt government, these greedy corporations, these theocratic congressmen. It aims at reorganizing educational system, welfare systems etc, and putting the power of the government back in the the hands of the people were it belongs.
No, these souls are not going to become overnight millionaires. But perhaps threw the work of SOMBODY, something will get accomplished. At least we have joined a force to do something, and are not just sitting around saying how much we hate Bush.

“police brutality upon the poor is needed in some cases. look what happened after Katrina, all poor people looting. killing. police oppression was the only thing that stopped it. the police need to be brutal with the poor because the poor are desperate and dangerous”

Surly you don't really mean that. Oppression, brutality, and corruption is not the answer. Instead of shooting unarmed people dying in the streets of there now wasteland home, we should have been getting them out of there, and into houses and jobs. That was a very offensive comment I hope you didn't mean it.

“if you don't like that there are so many people in debt, then why don't you do something about it instead of going to bed every night hoping that the government will show up on your doorstep the next morning with fifty grand”

Well thats the great thing. Kermit and I, along with MANY other people and Austin are rising together to do something. We are helping campaign and open peoples eyes. We are doing something to make a difference. We are members of the modern revolution. We don't expect anything from the government, just as they have never expected anything from us.

“i just don't understand your way of thinking. how the fuck would war and death solve poverty and oppression?”

War and death solved Oppression and brutality during the American Revolution, the Civil War, and countless other situations. I wish that we could do it another way, I do. But it is becoming ever apparent that we won't be able to. The United States inst just going to let us take power back to the people, we have to fight for it. We're the real patriotic people here.

“where did you say you were from? Dallas? oh thats right, most of the entire city of Dallas voted for bush. i would bet money that your parents voted for that asshole who doesn't give a damn about your situation. this is what i hate about the entire Midwest, every state there went the way of bush, and now none of the people there understand why their lives suck. fucking arrogant. i live in New York, which happens to be a very liberal (and very rich) city. unlike the NYC, the Midwest has just poorness and poverty all over”

Well I never. How dare you, you call Kermit arrogant when you just insulted the entire Mid West like were some kind of poor underclass made for your entertainment. Not in my fucking Debate Forum and not again do you understand me? Good. You will be happy to know that Kermit's parents did not vote for bush, nor did mine, nor did any of our neighborhoods for who would be so foolish. Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, are all predominantly Republican towns, but how can you go about judging all of us when you have no idea who we are. I, nor anyone in my family, neighborhood, or class is republican. Kermit neither. Your a very arrogant and foolish little boy.

“well in case you haven't noticed the government doesn't give a damn about anyone's situation. a message to the Midwest: ITS YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT that you vote for someone who is going to take the money that should be supporting the citizens, and what does he do, he spends it on a WAR! a stupid and pointless war”

Like I said, we didn't personally vote for Bush. Thats very stereotypical of you. Kermit doest support Bush, so why argue about it? Is it because you cant actually argue what he says? Because its true.

“this is the country of opportunity, no matter what your situation, a child can be the poorest person on earth, but in the US you can go to school and do well and get a job and make money and have a life. but no, most people are just lazy and expect the government to bail them out.”

Unless of course you are forced to drop out to help support your family, not because you are stupid but starving. Thats what Kermit's older brother had to do, are you saying he made a mistake, that he should have starved, or stolen instead of getting a job to help his mother? I couldn't ask somebody to do that, nor could I have said I would have done differently.


Your Hostility is unacceptable, calm down and stop being so rude, that goes for the both of you.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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