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Default Re: North Korea Vows 'Annihilating' Nuclear Strike if United States Attacks Pre-Empti

Originally Posted by LIsailer19
1) if north korea has nukes, and kim has his finger on the button, then they are that dangerous.
2) we went into iraq for NO REASON. bush is just stupid. he wanted revenge, so he started a war but could not fugure out how to get us out. its all bushs fault.
1. They can do alot of damage yes, but not as much as their enemys can do to them.
2. You seriously think there was no reason? Think about it, America loves its big SUV's, planes and other oil guzzling things. Oil is running out in easy to reach places, prices rise. America want more Oil, Iraq has lots of Oil. I'll let you figure the rest out.

It has been said before, but yes North Korea has alot of enemys and is not stupid enough to start a nuclear war just yet. They are not nearly powerfull enough. They are just trying to scare the rest of the world, showing off basically. One of these days they are going to show off a bit to much and the USA or Japan or wherever will just say 'enough' and boom WWIII, Nuclear.
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