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Default Re: North Korea Vows 'Annihilating' Nuclear Strike if United States Attacks Pre-Empti

Originally Posted by kermit
North Korea is digging its grave. Its not just the United States that has beef with them. China, Russia, USA, Japan, the Aussies, South Korea, they all are very displeased. But this is not the first time North Korea has acted like this. In 1998 they shot a missle OVER japan, which was pretty crazy in the reigion apparently. North Korea needs to be stopped, but not by america, not right now. They are not as dangorous as you think, though we said that with Iraq and now look, were years into a war we cant get out of.
1) if north korea has nukes, and kim has his finger on the button, then they are that dangerous.
2) we went into iraq for NO REASON. bush is just stupid. he wanted revenge, so he started a war but could not fugure out how to get us out. its all bushs fault.
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