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Originally Posted by kermit
Fuck you I don't make up facts. Name a fact I 'made up' and I'll give you a million dollars. I'm not yelling at people because of my misfortune, last time I looked I was complaining about the 13 million children, 23 million adults, and an estimated 150 million others living in poverty or close to it. There are what, graciously 300 million americans with that many million suffering while you sleep compertable at night you asshole. You don't think were 8 trillion dollars in debt, lord your ignorant about this conversation, look it up why don't you.

There is no brewing revolution?

The United States is not corrupt?

There are no babies starving on the fucking streets? Eh? Fuck you for that. I'm not going to some other country, nah, I'm staying to help my brothers and sisters suffering in America. Land of the free and home of the brave my ass. There are more cowards ands biggots here then anywere else in the world.

What about education? What about small business? I'm not saying a revolution is gonna make me rich. But we have an obligation as americans to keep the power in the hands of the people. We have an obligation to help our brothers and sisters in the war. And not the war in Iraq. The war in america.

What happens when global warming whips you out? Do you honestly think your government will be able to help you then? If China and Russia invaded america tomarrow, I would rejoice! The United States calls North Korea 'rouge' but no, its the other way around. The USA is the rouge, vile abomination upon this planet.

You say I'm crazy, but what about the police, opressing the poor. What about the minimum wage my whole fucking neighborhood is scrapping in? What about the welfare keeping my city poor? Welfare should be helping educate people in trades, not giving them food. There are 13 million kids out there they are gonna have shit high school educations and thats it. They aint going to no college, there going out to work at Micky Dees and Walmart. To feed a bunch of fat ass dirty rich bastards keeping this god forsaken country afloat.

You support this bullshit? This awful country? This rouge nation? This abomination? Your god damned right your an enemy then.

okay, first of all you dumbass, your a hypocrite. you say you hate america but when i say tell me another country you would live in, you cant respond to that question. second, dont offend me or my intelligence. third, if i support the US, then i'm your enemy, not an enemy of the us. fourth, you still havent told me what a revolution would acomplish. fifth, police brutality upon the poor is needed in some cases. look what happened after katrina, all poor people looting. killing. police opression was the only thing that stopped it. the police need to be brutal with the poor because the poor are desprate and dangerous. sixth, your'e so stupid, if you dont like that there are so many people in debt, then why dont you do something about it instead of going to bed everynight hoping that the goverment will show up on your doorstep the next morning with fifty grand. i just dont undersand your way of thinking. how the fuck would war and death solve poverty and opression? where did you say you were from? dallas? oh thats right, most of the entire city of dallas voted for bush. i would bet money that your parents voted for that asshole who doesnt give a damn about your situation. this is what i hate about the entire midwest, every state there went the way of bush, and now none of the people there understand why their lives suck. fucking arrogant. i live in New York, which happens to be a very liberal (and very rich) city. unlike the NYC, the midwest has just poorness and poverty all over. well in case you havent noticed the government doesnt give a damn about anyone's situation. a message to the midwest: ITS YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT that you vote for someone who is going to take the money that should be supporting the citizens, and what does he do, he spends it on a WAR! a stupid and pointless war..... this is the country of oppurtunity, no matter what your situation, a child can be the poorest person on earth, but in the US you can go to school and do well and get a job and make money and have a life. but no, most people are just lazy and expect the government to bail them out. well ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. not today, not tommorrow, not the next day. stop blaming america for YOUR problems. I'm proud to be an american, i hate the people here, but i love the country.

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