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Default Re: Should We Be Worried

Originally Posted by mrojas2000
what the hell is wrong with you
you might want to die, but dont you think about other people? i mean... i was totally hurted when i was looking at the tv almost 5 years ago the 9/11... and i was just 8... i knew that the world was blowing away... think about all the people that died that day, and the following in iraq and wished to be here, at your place, and you are just wishing to die? go ahead, get a k43 or whatever, and kill some people... i dont care, because you will all by yourself hurt yourself more and more and more... you might even make a favor to those people because this world is starting to suck... power, money, and war... thats what almost everyone thinks... instead of woring about poverty, hungry, and homeless... think about what you just said...
i was 20 miles away durning 9/11. i could see the smoke for days. i cried sooooo much. my fathers office was across the street from the attacks (he got out safely ) i agree with you completly miguel, how could you say such things about the country you live in?

I dont think North korea would dare test a missle upon the US. NATO and the UN wouldnt tolerate it. Almost every country in the world promised north korea a war if they tested a missle upon the US or Canada. Besides, north korea has NO allies whatsoever, if they start a war, they are on their own against NATO and the UN, who have way more nukes than they do.
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