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america is not 8 trill in debt, 485 bill. everything your bitching about can be traced back to george bush. and stop acting like its every american citizen's fault for your misfortune. 12% live below the poverty line in the United States. but thats much better than 80% in haiti, or 86% in Zambia. you want to live above the poverty line? try finding one of the few countires in the world that have a poverty line of less than 12%. FYI, there are only 11, and most of those are 3rd world countries anyway. 11 out of 272 countries have a better poverty rate than the US. why dont you tell me which one of those 11 you would rather live in than the US? i'll even give you the list of poverty rates in every country on earth :

The united states is not corrupt. George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condelizza Rice, John Ashcroft, John Roberts, etc..., they are corrupt. dont think just because the goverment sucks ass it means every citizen thinks the same way they do. i hate the government. but i would never burn a flag. i'm proud to be an american. and this "revolution" is bull shit, what the hell do you think is going to change anyway? you think if there is a revolution that suddenly you'll be rich, no one will be in povery, and bush will be dead? why dont you tell me what a revolution is going to accomplish? and dont make up facts in your anwser.
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