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There are about 1.4 million people in the United States military. An extra 850,000+ that are not active. There are, personally estimated, a few million police officers and militent style workers in the United States, plus members of the national guards, varried number by state. There are 37 million people under the poverty line. There are 200 million+ people that are lower middle class and lower class. So you know what, though you think that it would be suicide, or stupid, its totally possible that enough people are tired of America, Bush, being opressed. In fact, I would say at least 10% of the United States agree with me when I say there needs to be a revolution. Fuck you, just because you are happy living in a corrupt evil country doesnt mean the rest of us are happy about it. There will be a revolution, mark my words, soon.

edit: and it cost the united states upwards of 250 billion dollars for the war in Iraq. The uniteds states pulls in close to 12 trillion dollars a year and we have a debt of 8 trillion+
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