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Default Re: peanut allergy symptoms

okay so last summer i had my really first allergic reaction to peanuts... i ate a cashew during a sleepover at my cousins house... and then we decided to go play on the trampoline outside at night. i could feel my throat closing and had started rubbing my eyes cuz they had started to become really itchy and my cousins had noticed my voice becoming really weird like i had breathed in helium but i didnt so i went inside and asked my aunt if she had any allergy pills she got me claritin but it wasnt working fast enough so i then my eyes were extremely bloodshot only they were all red not red vein the whole whites of my eye. about 5 minutes later my breathing was becoming really shallow so i asked my aunt about which coincidentally she is a nurse and took me to the emergency room. in that whole course of time it was about 20 minutes since i ate 1 little cashew so now i have an epipen and even stronger allergy pills...

hope my symptoms help... if this helps at all either it was an acute allergic reaction.

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