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Yeah, well you don't know, you don't understand. You know how many poeople are in poverty in the USA? In 2004 about 13 million CHILDREN lived in poverty, thats about 18 percent of all children living in poverty. Not pretty eh? I'm sure its those childrens own fault though right? Poverty amongst children in the united states is close to 2 somtimes 3 times more promenint then in other westernized countries. Every 43 seconds another child is born into poverty in the united states, thats a little ove 2000 children a year born into a family that cannot support them. An american child is born without health insurence every 60 seconds, and 90% of children born without health insurence are born into working families, There are about 37 million americans living in poverty right now, thats about one in eight americans. Since 2000 seven million more people fell under the poverty line, bringing the average to 12.7 percent of our nation. Most americans agree that for a family of four, it takes about 40 thousand dollars a year to adaquatly feed, cloth and house the family. In 2002 the official federal poverty threshold was $18,850 for a family of four. About 40% of all americans living in poverty are raised in the inner city, the rest living in the suburbs or country. Nearly 40% of America's poor over the age of 16 worked either part-time or full-time in 2001, yet could not earn enough to secure even the basic necessities of life. Three out of four children in poverty lived with a family member who worked at least part time. And one out of every three children in poverty lived with someone who worked full-time, year round. A single parent of two young children working full-time in a minimum wage job for a year would make $10,712 before taxes - more than $4,300 below the poverty line. According to the Children's Defense Fund, for every year that 14.5 million American children continue to experience poverty, their lifetime contribution to the economy will decline by an estimated $130 billion because poor children grow up to be less educated and often less productive workers. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. There is a problem, that needs to be adressed. I could strike with an endless array of stitistics and truths. Try me, education, poverty, political corruption, You don't think there needs to be a revolution, but you don't even know how horrible it is.
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