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Default Re: Should We Be Worried

Whats wrong with death, you were born to die my friend, and there is not a god damned thing you can do about it. I came into this world, poverty stricken, raised on the streets of Dallas, family living off welfare, government don't give a fuck. Welfare, its a system to keep you poor instead of helping you get out of it. Revolutionary, anti-america. Fuck america, got my family in and out of jail on some bullshit, inslaving the people, got children starving on the streets, and you sit there waving its flag and shouting its name as if its some glorious thing? NAH!, I'm a self proclaimed anarchist my man, I'm quite tired of this opresser opressed society. So yeah, I think death is the answer, make some time changes and whipe out these useless, opresser dumbfucks that think they are above the laws of the people. FUCK your law of the land. I represent the law of the people. The poor, the underprivilaged. And if you havent been there, then consider yoruself a lucky son of a bitch. But if I have to join my brothers and shot a man for freedom, fuck the police and the opresser army, I'm fighting for freedom.
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