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Default Re: North Korea's Missle Launch

The missiles were NOT nukes they cant fit there nuclear warheads onto there missiles there to big
there was 6 not 5
and one almost crashed in russian waters JUST missing the territorial waters
it wasent closer to Japan
god get ur facts straight

no you wouldnt
you dont just invade on a whim
and ANY use of nukes by america will put russia and china on high alert which could lead to a nuclear war

this is something you have to handle carefully
and his missiles are of ZERO danger to you
even if they wernt so pathedic they fail on there won seconds after launch
even if he could put an actual nuclear warhead onto them (he cant theres are to big to fit)
even if it was fired and on its way to america it still wont hit you
long range ballistic missile defence

can somebody PLEASE merge this
I've seen like 3 topics on this one subject now


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