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Default Re: North Korea Vows 'Annihilating' Nuclear Strike if United States Attacks Pre-Empti

neither of the bombs needed to be dropped
Japan had been trying to surrender all summer
Trudeau wouldnt listen
Eisenhower despised the dropping of the atomic bombs

It was done for one simple reason
to show off
to scare Russia and to fuck with Cuba

they wern't needed to end the war

and america fucks with other people all the time
thats exactly why nobody likes america anymore
your constantly toppling governments or invading

hell the problems in the middle east (severe anti-americanism was caused by america
you meddled
and as a result you had what the CIA calls "backlash"

America is spending more money on its military then anybody like WAY more over 22% of your ENTIRE yearly budget
for a comparison your number one ally right now (Britian) spends 8
Your biggest rival and possible enemy China spends betweer 14-16

americas schools used to be the best on the planet
now your k-12 education is barley holding onto 20th place

your health care is in severe trouble

there threatening to scrap your entire NASA space program

yet you have no porblem spending 3/4 of a trillion dollars on the millitary

crap i got waaaaaay off topic

North Korea dosent stand a chance
they dont even want to hit you
they never have
is it anywonder why they made no effort to hide the missiles what so ever
or why they timed the lanches to happen at the same time Discovery launched
Or why they only actually fired one long range missile (that cant actually even have a nuclear warhead on it its to small for there nukes) the others were short range
or why they failed misserably seconds after launch

Kim just wants attention

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