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Angry Flash backs to the violence

If this don't fit here, move it.

I just started randomly having flashbacks to my old neighborhood lately. It was a tough street. There was always a good scrap. I was known to be a good fighter. Hell even a great one. But, my stomach still churns everytime I think back. I was well known for never pulling a knife, but using anything I could find to down even the biggest of foes. One day I was hanging out in my basement with a few of my friends, and we were just boxing and shit. I lost that one. We all get off days. But when I lost, the three of 'em started callin' me a panzy and what-not. "O, you gonna cry pussy? You need a tissue?" Back in the day I couldn't always control myself, and I am very sensitive. So I ran into a small storage room like I needed to cry (I was close to it 'cause they were goin' at it non stop for about an hour), and grabbed my weapon of choice. A fold up chair. I charged up to one kid who was laughing the most, and by wielding the chair as a battering ram. I thrust a chair leg into his side. It knocked him out of his seat, and he kealed over crying. Everyone was like "WTF dude. We was only playin'." By the end of the day we were all laughing about it. Then the kid got an x-ray. Turns out I cracked 3 ribs. We apologized and shook on it like 2 years later. My other bad memory was one time I was in the woods behind my house hanging out with my friend Mike (he was present for the previous memory too). Then outta nowhere the local scawny kid Josh came charging towards us. This caught me off guard, and he pushed me aside. I watched in awe as Josh ran strait at Mike, and Mike grabbed the back of Josh's head. Mike through the kid down like a rag doll. Then Josh threw a right cross towards Mike's face. But Mike weaved his head to the left, and grabbed Josh's head, and slammed it on a rock. You ever heard a head crack open? Wish I hadn't. The was blood everywhere, and Josh's dad broke through the tree line. Mike was already crying. "Connor who did this?" Being the honest kid screwed me over again. "Josh attacked Mike sir. Mike was only- He didn't-..." "I'm calling the police!" he picked up Josh and carried his limp body over to the car, and drove him to ER. Mike was needless to say, still crying. He looked at me and said "OMG I'm going to juvie ain't I?" I said, "No, don't be a dumb fuck. You'll be fine." I was lying. Luckilly, as it turned out, no cops came, we're all still friends, and Josh leads a normal life. Still the freakiestthing I ever saw. Just needed to say something, 'cause I ain't said nuttin' 'bout it in a while...
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