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Default Re: North Korea Vows 'Annihilating' Nuclear Strike if United States Attacks Pre-Empti

Originally Posted by boognish
now hold up a second. you see there is a difference between a nuke and an a-bomb. we are the only ppl to use a-bombs out of testing. we used them 2 times. only 2 and japan surrendered. we have the ability to make alot. drop alot. now if the us ever really got pissed, that little red button that is labeled, launch hell, would be pushed and that enemy of ours...well you get it. now the US would never do that. why? cause when we dropped the a-bombs we had no idea of the aftermath. we would have never dropped them if we knew. that has been proven and stated by the presidents of that time. now with the nukes, we had the largest store of nukes in the world, but we had to dismantle quite a few of them, but im pretty sure we still have the highest number. no one in their right mind would make motions or even serious hints to attacking the US. we have so much power, but we dont use it. you think the US is power and money hungry? we have the largest market in the world i believe, we have the largest and possibly most sophisticated army, we have the most weapons, we could seriously pwn the rest of the world in less than 48 hours, and we created disney, there is no way around it, the US could destroy the world, could wipe out ALL of our enemys and at the same time we would end up destroying our friends. so we donot do anything. we sit and wait, for an idiot radical to attack us first. its like the kid the 9 foot 400 pound dad, waving his money, taunting, doing nothing against any one though. but as soon as some one takes the money or attacks the taunting, the kid calls his 9 foot 400 pound dad and his dad fucks the shit out of the other kid(s). the US may taunt and flaunt its power and money, but dont hurt us and we wont hurt you

amen so true! =D
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