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you know what.. i know how u feel.. i just feel that im causing bad things and just messing up for everybody..
we love you here kevin..and although i may not be a "close" friend or here for you whenever im online and i can talk to you... i wont make fun of you or classify u in any way. i mean i go thru the same thing...everyone thinks im weird for getting sad for NO REASON at all.. its crazy. but anyways... do something that YOU like doing and that YOU can accomplish on your own (nothing harming to you tho) go out and play sports or swim or something. and try and prove yourself wrong from failing..i know you can do it just put some effort into it.. i mean... i want u to do it so you can be happy with what you accomplished... be proud and set some goals...
but most importantly..
try and be happy... i know its hard.. i really do. but try and calm down..ur not messing anything up here...
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