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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

-School Jokes-

Which 3rd Grader has the best body: The Blonde, the brunette or the redhead??
The Blonde, Because shes 18

A 3rd Grade class are talking about what they did on the weekend.
The first little boy said, 'I went to see my nana' The teacher says ' Thats nice, But please you grown up words, So instead of saying nana, say grandmother.'
The second little boy says, ' I went on a choo choo train.' The teacher says 'Once again, use adult words, I Went on a steam train.'
The Third Little boys says ' At the weekend i read a book.' 'What was the book called?' The teacher asked.
And with a grin on his face, The boy answered 'Whinnie the Shit!'

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