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Originally Posted by camera_chi View Post
Here's the skinny:

Cut is better for straight guys. Straight guys are less likely to catch HIV from women if they are cut (there's not a strong correlation for gay sex) and most uncut guys are not built for a woman's pleasure (some are though - everyone is different). Uncut guys also break condoms more often, which women don't like! Plus, everyone knows nice girls do not even like giving head, so they are more likely to do so if you are clean n cut. Getting cut doesn't hurt that much, but it shows her you are a real man.

Uncut is better for gay boys. It's easier to jerk off, and it encourages quick orgasms which can be good for guys who like getting fucked. There are nerve endings in the foreskin that are connected to the nerves in the asshole, which makes it feel real good for uncut guys to get fucked. Gay guys really like uncut dicks, in general, and cut boys are less likely to grow up to be gay.

Babies shouldn't really be circumcised in hospitals because doctors make mistakes real easy when operating on a tiny baby penis. But straight boys should get cut before they enter puberty, so the skin and scar on the cock can stretch out to be perfectly smooth.

I got cut at 16 and while jerking off is slightly different, sex with girls is way better and I get all the pussy now. I am over 8" and think that having a foreskin for so long and then losing it helped my dick achieve its true potential...
that makes me feel better my mom had me cut as a baby and i always thought of it as a bad thing. now i feel as as a ladys man

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