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Default Re: What drugs have you consumed?

By wikipedia, the shroom effect:

Psychedelic mushrooms can elicit a wide range of bodily and mental effects including:

* Physical
o Lightheadedness
o Numbness of the mouth
o Torpor
o Chills
o Increased body temperature
o Nausea
o Stomach pain
o Excessive production of tears/mucus
o Drowsiness
o Swollen features
o Pupil dilation
o Excessive yawning
o Increased heart rate
* Sensory
o Relaxation
o Sense of heaviness or lightness
o Closed Eye Visuals
o Open Eye Visuals
o Blurred vision
o Auditory effects
o Vapor Trails
o Apparent curving/morphing of environment
o Increased visual acuity
* Emotional
o Anxiety
o Euphoria/Hilarity
o High rage
o Euphoric states
o Beatific states (perception of God, the universe, or some "higher power")
o Paranoia and/or anxiety, even panic
o Sexual arousal
o Dissolution of the ego
* Intellectual
o Looped or confused thinking
o Introspective thinking
o Extreme mental lucidity
o Dissolution of imprinted and conditioned thought patterns
o Stimulation of verbal faculties (speech, singing)
o Concept of time dissolved
o Deja Vu
o Magical thinking


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